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Divorce Experiences and Separated Wives Divorce Experiences and Separated Wives Why do middle-aged people go through divorce after a long marriage? We will consider this. The first thing to do is to make an objective decision when going through a divorce. People who end up divorcedI often see older counselors at marriage counseling centers. Those who have been bereaved of their spouses or unfortunately have to divorce. There may be many reasons for this. As people get older they experience more and more things and gain more knowledge but the more knowledge they gain the more lonely they feel when they think about their future retirement. At such times they wish they had someone next to them someone to grow old with. So why do divorced couples who come to our counseling center break up? I think they have finished raising their children and just want to spend time together. For example we often hear that the husband is approaching retirement age and is home more and more and the time spent with him is unbearable. What is unbearable? I am sure that while the husband was working the wife's home was the most relaxing and healing space for her. It was a space where she could live her life as she saw fit without anyone telling her what to do. Such a space must have collapsed while she was living with her husband who was approaching retirement age. The husband used his wife like a servant asking her to bring him tea and to prepare meals on time for breakfast lunch and dinner even though she wanted to spend her time leisurely. He also begins to interfere in every aspect of his wife's life which she had not noticed before because she had been at work. When she is at work she is released when she returns home but there is no escape in the home. For these reasons there is no end to the number of mature people who choose to leave their wives. I can't help but think so. Copyright (C)2021Experiences of divorce and separated wives.All rights reserved.

Copyright (C)2022Divorce Experiences and Separated Wives.All rights reserved.